Roadways, Parking & Circulation / Bicycle & Pedestrian Corridors

Our slogan is “connecting place to people” and we do this by providing strategies and solutions that help people move safely and comfortably from place to place.  We’ve completed a number of projects to improve student safety en route to school.  We’ve designed improvements to student pick up and drop off zones and queues and we’ve designed sidewalks and crosswalks to provide safe walking corridors to schools.  We incorporate designs to address specific regional conditions like snow removal, winter building shadows or the unique condition in northeast Arizona of strong winds and blowing sand.  We are continually moving from place to place, either biking to work, shuttling kids, running and hiking along the urban trails or visiting jobsites and we seek to continually improve the paths we take to get to our final destination.


Site Civil & Utilities

We don’t claim to understand how architects think but we’ve had the pleasure of working with many on new construction and renovation projects and we know what it takes to support an architectural team for a successful project.  We can provide site civil and utility design including water, reclaimed water and wastewater extensions and connections, stormwater management systems and infrastructure, ADA accessible parking facilities and walkways, access and loop driveways and parking facilities.  We can also provide LEED certification support for sustainable sites and water efficiency categories.  Aside to knowing what we’re doing when it comes to site civil, we know that a little creativity, proactively addressing site issues, and a positive attitude can make all the difference in helping the owner’s and architect’s project vision become a reality.


Low Impact Design & LEED Certification

In almost every project there is an opportunity to implement sustainable design strategies.  As active members of the USGBC Arizona Chapter and with a full-time LEED Accredited Professional on staff, we seek out design solutions that improve the environment and the community.  Peak Engineering recently completed the LEED stormwater pollution prevention pre-requisite submittal for NAU’s Hotel and Restaurant Management. Prior to starting Peak Engineering, Julie and Tom were responsible for LEED certification documentation for stormwater runoff quality and quantity for NAU’s Applied Research and Development Building and the Health and Learning Center.

Construction Administration

Peak Engineering can represent you, the Owner, and we can act as your representative on-site for projects that you might not have the consistent time or resources to address.   We can support you with construction administration services including cost estimates, RFIs (Request for Information) and review pay applications.  We can be your eyes on the jobsite for site observations and assist you with regulatory compliance of Davis  Bacon Wage laws including certified payroll reviews and support you with project documents for grant administration.  We can act as your representative at regular construction meetings to ensure your best interests are  represented throughout the project.